The passion for a sustainable and renewable future exists within a certain type of person, especially in business. Wouldn't it be great to be able to source services from people with the same mind-set?

Our purpose is to bring such people together so that they may share ideas, wisdom and expertise with likeminded people.

To travel around Britains coast in an electric powered car.

Over the next month we will be travelling around Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

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17th January 201911:40 am At Stuart McBain Accountants, you can imagine this is one of our peak times of the year. Thanks to all the team for all the great work they are doing.

But it's also a time when our service and customer ...
5th January 20191:29 pm
I have received some great feedback from my last post about UK energy usage. Many who thanks for those of you have been in contact with me and the team.

One of the points that we discussed in our last ...
28th December 20182:01 pm
It is frequently claimed that the cost of renewables has fallen drastically in recent years. But offshore wind farms due to come on stream in the next few years will still cost as much as £155.53/MWh, triple the market price.

28th December 20182:00 pm
Meanwhile, solar power has generated just 7.28 GWh today, meaning it has run at 2% of capacity.

On paper, the increase in wind and solar capacity has been impressive. However, the reason is simple – the obscene amount of subsidies ...
28th December 20181:45 pm
Photos from Charging Around Britain Ltd's post As if to reinforce the point, wind power is currently only supplying 1.9% of the UK’s power, meaning that it is running at just 3.7% of its capacity:
Charging Around Britain Ltd added 2 new photos.
28th December 20181:34 pm
Here are the latest stats for UK energy consumption. A sobering read at this time of the year. We have a lot to do, but as long as we continue to look at circular rather than linear energy consumption, we ...
19th December 20182:37 pm
The CSR team at Stuart McBain were discussing how the term “Sustainability” has been down valued as it appears to be tagged on to every sort of statement. One example of this being “Political Sustainability! and Commercial Sustainability!"
8th December 201812:31 pm
Energy and power. Whilst the great and good meet in Poland to discuss climate change , we still don’t seem to be able to plan. It's all very well for the World Bank to offer more funds but we should ...
4th December 20188:46 am
Representatives of over 200 countries have descended on Katowice in Poland for 2 weeks for discussions and lectures to try and save the Paris accord. Unfortunately, the 2 largest coal producers, The USA and China, have declined to attend or ...
30th October 20189:13 am
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Global wildlife populations fall 60 per cent as WWF declares state of emergency for natural world
Conservationists have issued a demand for urgent ...
25th October 20188:49 am
What an interesting week.

Scottish Power have sold of the last off its fossil fuel generators and will concentrate on wind and solar as well as invest in new technologies.
A Commons select committee wants to bring forward the date ...

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