The passion for a sustainable and renewable future exists within a certain type of person, especially in business. Wouldn't it be great to be able to source services from people with the same mind-set?

Our purpose is to bring such people together so that they may share ideas, wisdom and expertise with likeminded people.

To travel around Britains coast in an electric powered car.

Over the next month we will be travelling around Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

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8th December 201812:31 pm
Energy and power. Whilst the great and good meet in Poland to discuss climate change , we still don’t seem to be able to plan. It's all very well for the World Bank to offer more funds but we should ...
4th December 20188:46 am
Representatives of over 200 countries have descended on Katowice in Poland for 2 weeks for discussions and lectures to try and save the Paris accord. Unfortunately, the 2 largest coal producers, The USA and China, have declined to attend or ...
30th October 20189:13 am
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Global wildlife populations fall 60 per cent as WWF declares state of emergency for natural world
Conservationists have issued a demand for urgent ...
25th October 20188:49 am
What an interesting week.

Scottish Power have sold of the last off its fossil fuel generators and will concentrate on wind and solar as well as invest in new technologies.
A Commons select committee wants to bring forward the date ...
15th October 20188:54 am
Climatic Impacts of Wind Power I have been doing some work with Newcastle Universality in Australia concerning Solar energy.
As part of my research ,I came upon this interesting article. In effect it appears that solar is much more efficient than wind … but what ...
10th October 201810:10 am
#DataGate! First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns, boats... Climate change is happening, there is no doubt.

What we must be certain about are the reasons behind it. The latest IPCC report is looking for $2.4 Trillion per annum, the Paris accord looks dead in the water, not just ...
8th October 20188:01 am
Centre for Alternative Technology I have just spent the weekend attending the annual conference of CAT.
Some excellent ideas and reformation to constantly look for improvement. One thought came through loud and clear. You can't be green unless you are in the black. Or ...
2nd October 20188:06 am
Nissan Leaf range is 160 miles and good luck finding charging a point I found the article interesting , unfortunately inaccurate. I was the first person to drive around the UK and then Iceland in pure Eve’s to disprove range anxiety.
Yes, the UK was straight forward as this was in a Tesla ...
27th September 201812:37 pm
Clean Transportation and Renewable Energy Great conference in Iceland as usual. Here is a success story :
Last year’s CHARGE Around Iceland proved that range anxiety is not a real problem – even with the lack of fast charging stations. With the Ring-Road now ...
25th September 20188:23 am
Great first day at the CHARGE event. There are plenty of ideas but we need more UK attendance.
More thoughts and ideas to follow.
13th September 201811:59 am
A great conference, I just wish it had been better advertised. However the end result was very interesting in regards to zero emissions. Hopefully all of Australia will join A.C.T (Australian Central Territory) and sign up!
12th September 20188:42 am
Saracens High School - Home At Stuart McBain Ltd, we are currently developing a CSR tool to help SME`s prepare for the future.
The tool itself is directly linked with the financial reporting of an organisation but it is different as it will ”measure” the ...

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