The passion for a sustainable and renewable future exists within a certain type of person, especially in business. Wouldn't it be great to be able to source services from people with the same mind-set?

Our purpose is to bring such people together so that they may share ideas, wisdom and expertise with likeminded people.

To travel around Britains coast in an electric powered car.

Over the next month we will be travelling around Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

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26th April 20177:22 am
Process invented to make sustainable rubber, plastics: Findings by scientists could transform the multi-billion-dollar plastics... Synthetic rubber and plastics -- used for manufacturing tires, toys and myriad other products -- are produced from butadiene, a molecule traditionally made from petroleum or natural gas. But those…
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25th April 20174:19 pm
Pathways and obstacles to a low-carbon economy Do you know what the 'Energy Transition' is?
The energy transition is happening. But the pace of change depends on a range of technical, business, and societal factors.
25th April 20172:13 pm
WikiTribune Wikipedia Founder launches new 'evidence-based journalism' platform.

Evidence-based journalism
25th April 201711:03 am
Timeline Photos Sorry for the delay folks. More #Adventure1 updates and data to come soon now that Stuart has recovered!
25th April 20179:27 am
Recharging electric car at hotel during challenge Thanks for everybody's support and kind words! It was a big bonus to find a quicker charging point. Hopefully the hotel will more Tesla owners heading that way!

#Adventure1 Cambrian News
A PORTHMADOG hotel allowed an electrical pioneer a short ...
21st April 20173:49 pm
Clean Energy Isn't Just the Future—It's the Present Renewables provided 55 percent of all new electrical capacity worldwide last year, the most ever. In some regions, solar is the cheapest source of power, and it will only get cheaper. Bloomberg New…
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21st April 201710:39 am
Apple Maps Update for Europe Includes Focus on Electric Vehicles Apple Inc. is expanding the capabilities of its Maps app in Europe to help users charge their electric vehicles or find bike rental hubs.
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20th April 201712:51 pm
Toyota Puts Fuel-Cell Semi Truck to Test at Los Angeles Port The newest heavy-duty truck set to operate at the Port of Los Angeles emits an unusual byproduct that California could certainly use more of: water.
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18th April 201711:14 am
May to seek snap election for 8 June - BBC News UK PM Theresa May announces plan to call snap general election on 8 June
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17th April 20174:19 pm
The digital revolution is not about technology – it’s about people Been saying this for far too long. Tech very well may save the world, but only if we understand and educate the people we need to use it!
When companies go digital, they must focus less on the technologies and ...
17th April 20172:18 pm
Green groups warn of 'race to the bottom' - BBC News Yet more downsides to Brexit.
Environmentalists urge the UK not to water down laws on climate change and wildlife after Brexit.
16th April 20177:22 am
The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? - #ev
Diesel was the dream fuel, promoted by governments and the car industry as a cheaper way to save the planet. Then the cracks started to ...

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