The passion for a sustainable and renewable future exists within a certain type of person, especially in business. Wouldn't it be great to be able to source services from people with the same mind-set?

Our purpose is to bring such people together so that they may share ideas, wisdom and expertise with likeminded people.

To travel around Britains coast in an electric powered car.

Over the next month we will be travelling around Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

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12th March 201812:58 pm
Fridrik Larsen on branding and sustainability. Feb 2017.pdf This is a presentation from Dr. Fredrik Larsen which was incredibly well received at the recent IOD meeting.
Download the link here :
27.9 MB of files sent via WeTransfer, the simplest way to send your files around the ...
7th March 20188:34 pm
IOD Liverpool presentation on sustainability Stuart gives his thoughts along with other renowned experts in the field of sustainability ,before he flies of to Australia to present to the World leading solar panel team at the University of Newcastle in Queensland!
Give it a watch ...
7th March 20188:03 pm
Throwback to Stuart and Mark having a test drive of the new cars!
Charging Around Britain Ltd shared a post — feeling awesome.
7th March 20188:01 pm
Don't these cars look great! This is was taken prior to Charging Around Iceland
7th March 20185:48 pm
Experience CHARGE Energy Branding In October 2017, before visiting the Charge Energy Branding Conference in Iceland, Stuart and Mark embarked upon "Charge Around Iceland". This video, showing highlights of the conference shows the two electric cars used by the team
Hear from guests ...
7th March 20185:46 pm
CHARGE Energy Branding Conference Our very own Stuart appeared as a Speaker recently a the Charge Energy Branding Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland. October 9-10 2017....
Here are links to their site featuring some of the speakers and topics.
Decision makers from the leading energy ...
28th February 201812:00 pm
ChargingRoundBritain on Twitter So our man Stuart took to the Stage at the IOD event in Liverpool on the 27th February 2018, Speaking alongside Les Bellman, James Noakes (of LCC) and Dr Fridrick Larsen. Stuart was talking about what sustainability means for him... ...
29th November 20173:46 pm
Electricity from renewable sources pours from the wall sockets of Icelandic homes. A vast majority of the country’s car fleet is, however, powered by fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are a viable option in Reykjavik, the nation’s capitals, where two-thirds of ...
10th October 201712:00 pm
#ChargearoundIceland - YouTube Charging Around Iceland Epilogue

The team arrived safely in the front of Harpa conference centre on the Sunday before the conference after a rather smooth rider along the south coast of Iceland. The CHARGE team had gone into some lengthy ...
9th October 201712:00 pm
Photos from Charging Around Britain Ltd's post Charging Around Iceland Part 4

The CHARGE mobiles arrived in Hof after driving in great conditions from Höfn. The week before the group arrived in Iceland, heavy rain in the South and East of Iceland caused floods that ruptured Road ...
7th October 201712:00 pm
Photos from Charging Around Britain Ltd's post Charging Around Iceland Part 3

The most challenging leg of the journey was ahead. The autumn chill is fastly sliding towards winter with the temperature at three degrees centigrade. From Húsavík the cars went in land and upwards. The EVs ...

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