The passion for a sustainable and renewable future exists within a certain type of person, especially in business. Wouldn't it be great to be able to source services from people with the same mind-set?

Our purpose is to bring such people together so that they may share ideas, wisdom and expertise with likeminded people.

To travel around Britains coast in an electric powered car.

Over the next month we will be travelling around Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

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30th July 20183:57 pm
Earlier this month our Research, analysis and academic rigour and validation lead, Roland Daw, travelled to the European Group for Organization [sic] Studies conference in Tallinn to present his latest research on sustainable entrepreneurship. ‘Sustainable opportunity identification as a process ...
16th July 201811:20 am
Photos from Charging Around Britain Ltd's post One of the most interesting graphs is the projected energy capacity in 2050 for Two degrees.
The total capacity is 224 GW, compared to a current peak demand of about 50 GW. However, dispatchable capacity in this particular scenario is ...
16th July 201811:09 am
FES document | National Grid - Future Energy Scenarios The National Grid has just published this years future energy scenarios ( FES)
To demonstrate how we engage with stakeholders about the FES, the feedback we receive and how this is used in the development of our scenarios, we ...
6th July 201810:29 am
SPEAKERS I recently attended the 2018 International Business festival with a colleague of mine from the IOD, Mr. Dan Lewis.

Dan gave a very insightful presentation on Britain Connected: Making the UK the World’s Best Connected Country. If you would like ...
6th July 201810:07 am
UK Hiding £11bn Of Fossil Fuel Subsidies–New Report Claims Another interesting report that might have slipped you by as lies, b** lies and statistics
By Paul Homewood   h/t Robin Guenier   This report came out while I was away, and I wanted time to analyse it properly. ...
6th July 201810:07 am
BP takes charge with electric point deal Stuart says that this article is very interesting as it is showing how all organisations need to look towards the future. The one area whichneeds to be really developed on is charging from home.
Following on from the presentation in ...
11th June 20187:37 am
Great news in that the UK is converting 30 old trains to Hydrogen cell power. I thought it might be interesting to refresh my knowledge on the "power of the H cell" so I found this great article which I ...
6th June 20189:39 am
Environment Agency calls for action on water efficiency Over the last six months we have all been disappointed with the amount of rainfall (too much!).
However, looking at the long term analysis, we all have to start thinking about our water usage says Stuart Mcbain at Stuart Mcbain ...
29th May 201811:43 am
Robbie Lightfoot sent this picture in from a family holiday in Crete.

These plastic beads were taken from a 6 foot square piece of beach which his children were playing on in only a couple of minutes of digging.

Robbie ...
23rd May 20187:58 am
Environment Agency calls for action on water efficiency Following on from the decline in the world's resources, this is interesting to see that at HMG, they are froward planning with regards to wastefulness when it comes to water. Here is a great article from the environment agency that ...
7th May 201810:13 pm
Developing digital mines of the future

After weathering an economic downturn, global mining companies are preparing to spend big on technology

Between 2012 and 2016, the global mining industry found itself in a battle with market economics. Falling commodity prices, ...
7th May 201810:09 pm
Another very interesting article from on How responsible mining can benefit economies

Mining has a major impact on the environment, but it also represents a valuable opportunity to benefit national economies and local communities

Even in the so-called digital ...

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