About us

Renewable environments, economic Sustainability

Charging Around Britain has been a long time coming.

Stuart McBain, its founder and chairman, has had a lifetime interest in the concept and evolution of the Sustainable and Renewable alternatives to the status quo of our everyday life.

A successful self-made man based in the North West, Stuart heads up a team of dedicated accountants and industry experts who have developed a specialisation in the Sustainable and Renewable sector.

They now want to help other like-minded organisations along this path.

Our Story

showcasing the growing importance of the Sustainability and Renewable sector in Britain.

He walks the walk by investing his own resources in diversified projects from Bio-mass operations, Eco-focused building projects , restaurants and many , many others.

He feels that, along with like-minded colleagues, it is now time to reach out to other forward-thinking organisations and individuals who have the forethought to work and live in this sector.

Hence the formation of “Charging Around Britain Ltd”
Charging Around Britain Is based on a set of Principles and Commitments